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NOTICE OF REDUCED EARNINGS LAST NAME FIRST NAME SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER NOTE Issue a DE 2063 only for the seven-consecutive-day period corresponding to your payroll week. If you pay your workers less often than once each seven days you must issue a DE 2063 for each calendar week Sunday through Saturday of partial unemployment. PLEASE ANSWER ALL OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS* EDD USE ONLY Interviewer s Initial AC EMPLOYER S STATEMENT FOR THE PAYROLL WEEKENDING DATE MM/DD/YY 1. Gross earnings...
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Alright good evening everybody. Good evening. Thank you for coming. We have a quorum. Alright. We can start. Okay, item number 1 on the agenda is noting the minutes and the meeting of the Retirement System held on the 20th of April. This is for consideration and action. Can I have a motion to put it on the table? Yes. This for --? I’m sorry? This for? I can’t hear you. This is for the minutes and the meeting of April 20th meeting. It’s for consideration and action okay. My I have a motion to put it on the table please? So moved. Second? [Show of hand] All those in favor? [A chorus of ayes] Any opposed, any abstentions? Carried, thank you very much. Hand that to him just as a reference? If you have a reference, we’re going to be following that. The next up, the next we have for discussion is an update by -- That’s me. The executive Director, Sandy Rich. And then following him we’ll have an update on the CPMS. Okay, so a couple of things, some follow-ups from our meeting of April 20th. I indicated at that time that I thought we would have for this meeting, a package of governance materials to review and that is not happening, that would be obvious. There are going to be some additions to that governance package related to disability approvals and denials and that is in the works. So this is probably for the Fall that we will have a complete governance package Some other follow up, I told you -- Sandy just to remind everyone what you’re doing is, you’re engaging in a review of our policies to ensure that they are consistent across and updated. And guidelines. Temporary right? That’s the, that’s the -- Completely documented. Yeah. And to make sure we are taking the actions that we need to take as a Board, and not taking actions we don’t need to take. Right, we’re trying to, sort of, better manage the whole show, so --. Thank you Ray. Just a reminder. Thank you. I indicated last meeting that we had posted the Director of HR position. We actually shut that position down and we’re restructuring HR and there will be new information on that coming. And the intent there is to better use, utilize the existing personnel. I think we have staff that can fill the obligation to that department. We will be talking tonight about the budget proposal and just as a little warning we’re raising the fee for the TDA Loan Program. And there’ll be more detail on that but I think you should focus on that and the information related to that. And we’ll make sure you have all the information you need. We are in the middle of a significant recalculation of benefits for members who are affected by recent collect -- well, maybe not recent, but past collective bargaining agreements. Daniel Miller who is our, runs Member, well is in Member Services and is the, one of the chiefs of the CPMS team. I’d like him to update you on what’s going on there because I think is extraordinarily significant what they’ve accomplished. Good afternoon, a little background from what Sandy said. We...